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Train Sets

A train set is a wonderful way to start off in the entertaining hobby of model railroading. They make a great gift for both young and old. If your child or grandchild shows an interest in trains, consider buying him or her a train set to start them off in a life-long hobby.

Train sets come in various sizes. Almost all will have track and the power supply; everything you need to get started. All you have to do is determine how much space is available.

The absolute smallest train set will be "Z-scale", which is a ratio of 1:220. This is great for those with virtually no space. However, great patience is required to work in this scale, so it is best recommended for older children or young adults.

The smallest popular scale is "N-scale", which is a ratio of 1:160. There is lots of product available in this scale, and is perfect for those with small spaces. Due to its size, it is recommended for older children.

By far, the most popular size is "HO-scale", which is 1:87 and therefore slightly bigger.

For those with enough space or for around the Christmas tree, you might want to consider "O-scale", or 1:48, about twice as big as HO-scale.

For really impressive trains, especially around the Christmas tree or for outdoor displays, consider "G-scale". G-scale, or G-gauge, has a number of ratios, the most popular of which is 1:29. All G-gauge trains sets, however, use the same size track.

Don't know which set is right? Call, or better yet, come by the store and we will be glad to show the size difference. We have a display layout in the store so you can readily see the most popular sizes.

Scale: G

Scale: Standard Gauge

Scale: O

Scale: On30

Scale: S

Scale: HO

Scale: N
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